The Assembly Design story - like most of my own - begins in the leafy suburbs of Melbourne in the 1980s. My home and many of the places I spent my formative years were teeming with newly dating patterns and colours from the decade just passed. Everything from the kitchen bin to my skivvies and bedroom walls was a visual bombardment of print-based activity, none of which escaped my keen little eye. In hindsight, it comes as no surprise that I found my way to textile design. 

When I think back to summer get-togethers at Grandma and Pa's, my enduring memory is of the white slat chairs and table laid with a flowery tablecloth and glass bowls of potato salad. And as we sprawled from the patio to the wide back lawn in Panoramic Grove, the well-worn stripey camping stools would invariably be trotted out to accommodate the extra bodies. Even then they looked old and rickety, but they always held tight and they still do, forty odd years after my grandpa carefully put them together in the back shed.

When it came to creating Assembly Design's first product, it seemed only right that the first cab off the rank would have its origins in the fertile ground of my suburban childhood. After several years working in various areas of textile design, it was in one light-bulb moment that things really began to take shape - I would bring back those practical little works of art that were always so well-loved and used in our family. 

With the No Great Hurry seat, Assembly Design begins the business of creating steadfast, locally made products with a focus on beautiful prints and the highest-quality materials.




From whoa to go, every step in bringing the No Great Hurry seat to life has been taken to minimise ecological impact and keep things as close to home as possible. Where and how these little gems would be made, and what from, was always going to be as important as how they looked and functioned.

Every No Great Hurry seat is happily produced in Melbourne using sustainable materials and the skills of local craftspeople. The timber frames are shaped from reclaimed Australian hardwood and sanded, oiled and assembled by hand. The hardy canvas seats are made from organic cotton and hemp and feature original Assembly Design prints, all hand screen-printed a couple of km's from ADHQ using eco-friendly, water-based inks.

All of the over-locking, hemming, tacking and painting happens here in Melbourne with the greatest of care and commitment to creating beautiful, useful objects that will last well in to the next generation, just as their forerunners did.